VSL SYSTEMS /CZ/ Ltd. is an integral member of the worldwide VSL Group, which is known especially for being a leader in post-tensioning and derived bridge and civil engineering technologies and a reputable partner in development of innovative construction solutions. VSL, originally Vorspann System Losinger, was founded in Switzerland in 1956 (the business name of the firm is protected as a trademark). Since then, VSL has become one of the leading world specialists in its field. With its 35 representations throughout the world and experience exchange, it is able to offer and solve all sorts of technology supplies. Not just once the firm developed new systems, which later became the worldwide standard. VSL SYSTEMS /CZ/ Ltd. is a Czech legal entity established in 1993. The firm maintains a stable position in the Czech construction market and individual projects under the Czech management has been realised in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Baltic States as well. VSL and its engineers are members of prominent international organisations in this field and take active part in increasing the quality and durability of products through national and international standards.