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Special structures

VSL has adapted post-tensioning principles to a wide range of civil engineering structures such as LNG/LPG storage tanks, water reservoirs, wastewater plant digesters, underground tunnels, offshore platforms, and dams.

For these types of structures, requiring strict quality control and crack free performance, post-tensioning brings cost savings, speeds up construction, improves durability in comparison with the steel version, and provides high resistance against crack formation and corrosion. VSL has been involved in a number of highly prestigious and first used structures. These include the world’s largest concrete barge (the NKossa barge in France), one of the largest concrete rectangular reservoirs (the Warragamba waste water plant in Australia), the world’s largest oil platform (the Troll GBS platform in Norway), one of the longest immersed tunnels (the MTR 502 in Hong Kong) and the first egg-shape digester in Singapore (the Kranji Egg).