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Post-tensioning in buildings

The reasons behind the development of post-tensioning in buildings are not only the ever more daring architectonic concepts, where in some cases the post-tensioned structure is the only possible solution, but mainly savings of costs resulting from lower weight of post-tensioned floors and their direct impact on dimensions of other parts of the structure.

VSL has developed special systems intended for post-tensioning in buildings:

  • Bonded and unbonded monostrand systems for the structures with minimal thickness
  • 4-strand flat duct bonded system for common slab structures

Heavy lifting

For economic or technical reasons, today’s civil engineering structures are often assembled from large, heavy, prefabricated components. VSL is able to provide the most effective, as well as reliable solution for projects where conventional lifting equipment cannot be used because of insufficient space or weight and size of lifted elements through its offer of hydraulic lifting equipment.

The history of heavy lifting in VSL Group dates back to the 70´s of the last century, where VSL decided to use its rich experiences in post-tensioning and modify the multistrand post-tensioning equipment for the needs of heavy lifting.

Expansion joint free post-tensioned slabs on grade

The post-tensioned slab on grade technology is used mainly to avoid development of cracks in concrete and provide for maximum reduction or complete elimination of expansion joints. The expansion joint free post-tensioned floors have higher resistance, longer lifetime and enhanced quality compared to the traditionally made industrial floors, which leads to considerable savings during the structure’s life cycle. The reduction in floor construction time because of smaller volumes of concrete thin slabs being poured in larger areas per day is also indispensable.

For the joint free post-tensioned slabs, VSL uses the 4-strand flat duct bonded system and monostrand unbonded system. VSL offers a complete delivery of the joint free post-tensioned slab, including project design.