Heavy lifting

More than 30 years ago, VSL came up with an idea to use its proven post-tensioning systems, hydraulic jacks and hydraulic pumps for lifting heavy loads. One of the first applications was lifting of three 490-ton concrete dome shells for a series of circular silos to the height of 28 m in Sardinia or lifting and stressing of the cable roof system for the Olympic Stadium in Munich in 1971. The subsequent development in the area of lifting and moving heavy loads using hydraulic strand units has shown what a breakthrough step in technology VSL made. Recent years have seen the development not only in lifting equipment itself, but also in its control systems, which increased the range of possible applications. The VSL lifting systems contribute to a high quality of execution, shortening of construction schedules, costs savings and high safety of lifting works. VSL´s heavy loads lifting comprises a wide range of works from lifting the existing bridge structures with the aim to replace bearings, through extension of bridge structures to lifting of giant roof structures with an accuracy of millimetres throughout the whole duration of lifting works.

VSL´s heavy lifting equipment contains a wide range of hydraulic multistrand jacks, pumps, operating equipment, control systems and modular lifting frames, which provide capacity for virtually any horizontal or vertical handling. Besides an exceptional lifting hardware, the VSL´s philosophy in heavy loads lifting is to propose reliable and economical project solutions based upon decades of VSL´s experiences in this field.

VSL strand jack lifting system

Max. stands quantityTendon avarage
D [mm]
Outer size
HxW [mm]
SLU-10 104 1 16 970 200 65
SLU-30 313 3 54 1090 250 190
SLU-40 417 4 67 1270 250 190
SLU-70 730 7 82 1250 400 170
SLU-120 1252 12 116 1370 400 400
SLU-220 2295 22 167 1650 500 1030
SLU-330 3234 31 190 1510 600 1080
SLU-440 4281 42 228 2050 610 2220
SLU-580 5738 55 253 1520 800 2790