VSoL retained earth

In the initial project stages, VSL offers the preliminary design of the VSoL ® retained earth system with a price calculation for the clients to have a comparison with costs of walls constructed using other methods.

The reinforced soil system provides for a transfer of horizontal stresses from the soil to reinforcing elements – polymeric strips. Tensile forces are transferred from the soil to the strips through frictional interactions between soil and polymeric strip.

The construction of the VSoL ® retaining wall is standardly carried out using a well-tried procedure as follows:

  • Casting of the mass concrete levelling pad.
  • Erection and alignment of the first row of half and full height panels.
  • Installation of joint and drainage materials.
  • Fill placement and compaction up to the level of the first layer of reinforcement.
  • Installation of soil reinforcement and connection to facing panels.
  • Placing and compaction of additional layers of fill up to top of the half height panels.
  • Installation of the second row of panels.
  • Repeating previous steps until the required height of retaining wall is achieved
  • Installation of copings and crash barriers at the top of the wall to suit project requirements.

One construction crew with one mobile crane can build the VSoL® retaining walls at an ordinary speed of 40m2 – 100m2/day.

The precast facing panels can be manufactured in many different shapes, colours and textures. The surface can be supplied with various relief patterns, sandblasted, with exposed aggregates, or absolutely smooth.